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Community Engagement Survey Tool

Sessions: 1004 & 1008
Community Engagement Survey Tool:

The purpose of the community engagement survey is to collect data that will provide meaningful results that can aid and empower your organization to make informed decisions as it relates to community and partnership engagement and   cultural competence with the populations you serve and your workplace culture.  All personal identification information collected will be kept secure and confidential, used solely for the purpose of this survey.


About the evaluator:
I am in independent evaluator, providing this survey tool and data collection free of charge in return the survey results will be used in research required to complete my Ph.D. in Community Psychology. 
My findings will be a part of my Session workshop at the IPRA/IAPD Conference.  We encourage everyone to attend. 
You may open the survey in your web browser by clicking the link below:
IPRA/IAPD Engagement Measurement Tool

If the link above does not work, try copying the link below into your web browser:
For questions email Jeffrey Jones at